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Michele Dolce (EPFL)
Lucio Galeati (EPFL)
Massimo Sorella (EPFL)

The workshop aims at bringing together some of the most talented young researchers working…

Short-term scientific programs

The center invites EPFL professors to propose short research programs (up to a month) with a team of external collaborators (format can include conferences, summer schools or other types of collaborative events) for the year 2023. Such events will benefit from the facilities at the GA building and funding support from the center. There will be a period where the center will have construction work and programs will be suspended, most likely during the spring and potentially the fall; we will coordinate with the program organizers to avoid these periods.

The GA building is the home of the new Bernoulli center. It is a nice modern building in the center of EPFL campus with numerous rooms for collaborations and a beautiful terrace with a view on Lake Leman. The programs can accommodate up to 40 participants, including office space for 15 participants.

We welcome first stage applications in the format of a one-two pages letter of intent to be sent to Pavle Krivokapic ( for consideration.

The letter should include a brief description of the program and its objectives, the organizers (one of the main organizers must be an EPFL professor), the key participants envisioned, the preferred dates and the funding requests. In a typical scenario, the Bernoulli center would cover the local expenses. An example budget of a one-week workshop is available here: example budget.

The Bernoulli Center provides some administrative and logistical support (billing, reception of refreshments, technical assistance, …) but the administrative assistant of the local professor remains in charge of the organization of the workshop (contacting the speakers, choosing the hotels, meals, etc.). For further information on the staff coordination, please contact Pavle Krivokapic (

For this call, the proposals will be selected by the executive committee of the Bernoulli center with the help of the internal advisory committee (which does not preclude the use of random sampling to complete the selection).

Postdoctoral workshops

The center also invites applications for two fully funded workshops (duration up to one week), organized by young researchers (postdocs or PhD students). The format of these are the same as (one-week) short research programs with the exception that organizers should be exclusively young researchers (postdocs or PhD students).

We welcome first stage applications in the format of a one-two pages letter of intent to be sent to Pavle Krivokapic ( Please indicate that you are applying for a postdoctoral workshop.