High-school classes

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High-school classes

The Bernoulli Center for Fundamental Studies is hosting classes for Swiss high-school students in collaboration with the Associate Vice-Presidency for Student Affairs and Outreach, the School of Basic Sciences and School of Computer and Communication Sciences. This concerns the “Euler Course“, a new “Turing Course” between the Bernoulli Center and the School of Computer and Communication Sciences, and a physics course. The center provides a stimulating environment for students to learn about the new material next to the advanced scientific programs run by renowned scientific visitors, with special guest lectures given by some of our visitors to the students.


Euler Course

Le cours Euler est un programme de mathématiques spécialement conçu pour les enfants romands à très haut potentiel, comme complément au cursus scolaire classique.

Turing course

The IC School and Bernoulli Center at EPFL are launching a new course introducing high school students to the gems of computer science. The course involves weekly lectures and practical assignments covering theory of algorithms as well as practical projects. 

Organizers IC School: Michael Kapralov, Olivier Leveque, Romain Edelmann (main instructor), Bernoulli Center: Emmanuel Abbe.

Registration open until June 30.

Physics course

Coming Soon