Bernoulli Competition

A new maths competition in Switzerland

“Bernoulli competition class” at the center for the spring semester

The second “Bernoulli competition” will take place this year on Monday June 3, 2024, from 13:15 to 17:00 in room CM 1 105. 
As for last year, the top ~4 scores from the Bernoulli competition will have the opportunity to compete at the IMC in the Bernoulli team. 

Class description:

This is a course on problem-solving strategies in mathematics, aimed at bachelors and masters students. While university courses typically focus on the development of “theory”, the accent here will be on creative out-of-the-box applications of classical textbook theorems. We will discuss Putnam-style problems, with the specific goal to help students prepare for the upcoming Bernoulli competition. Experience with high school olympiads will be helpful but is not a prerequisite. 
The course is for bachelor and master students. 
This course does not carry formal credits.
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The class will meet from 16:15 to 18:00 on the following Tuesdays:
20.02, 5.03, 19.03, 9.04 ( CE 1 105 ), 16.04 (CH B3 30), 7.05, 21.05 in room GA 321 of the Bernoulli Center for Fundamental Studies at EPFL.

Note: the room may change a few times, so please keep track of announcements. 
Lectures are taught by Kaloyan Slavov. 
Kaloyan completed his bachelors at Harvard, his masters at Cambridge, and his PhD at MIT. His research in arithmetic algebraic geometry is focused on varieties over finite fields. Since 2015, Dr. Slavov has been the director of the ETH Math Youth Academy – an outreach program of the Department of Mathematics at ETH, aimed at talented high school students.  
Colin Sandon will also teach lectures on the Putnam competition problems. 
Colin completed his bachelors/master at MIT and his PhD at Princeton. Colin Sandon was a gold IMO and Putnam Fellow. His research is in discrete mathematics, probability, theoretical computer science, theoretical machine learning. Since 2023, he is a scientist in the Mathematics Institute and IC School at EPFL. 


On the 5th of June 2023, the Bernoulli Center for Fundamental Studies launched a new maths competition for undergraduate students in Switzerland. 

The goal of the competition is to promote the development of mathematical and problem solving skills in a fun environment, where students from different disciplines and areas of Switzerland can interact among themselves and with the researchers of the Bernoulli Center. 

5 students to represent EPFL at IMC

On this first edition of the  Bernoulli competition, covering only EPFL, we selected the top 5 scoring students who will represent EPFL at the upcoming International Mathematics Competition in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.

Problems repository

Coming soon!

Polympiads Problems

Do you want to test yourself on some maths problems and get an idea of what our maths competitions are like? Here is a selection of problems for you to try.