External programs

Call for Research Programs

This call is now closed but will soon reopen for programmes in 2025.

The Bernoulli Center calls for research program proposals in the areas of mathematics, theoretical physics, and / or theoretical computer science. The deadline for proposal submissions is June 18, 2023 and the first research programs are scheduled to start in spring 2024. 

Proposals should include the following information:

  1. Program name
  2. Names, short CV’s, and email addresses of organisers
  3. Duration of the program and preferred dates
    Programs can be either short (about one month) or long (about three months). Please do indicate your preferences regarding dates, but try to be as flexible as possible.
  4. Scientific program
    Give a detailed description of the proposed program, including an overview of the topic area, recent achievements, future research directions, timeliness of the proposal, relation to programmes held at other research institutes, etc. This should include a summary that is accessible to research mathematicians working in a completely unrelated field, as well as a more detailed (up to three pages) part accessible to experts working in adjacent areas.
  5. Program structure
    This should include a description of the planned activities like workshops (including number of participants and durations), weekly seminars, public lectures, minicourses, etc. We encourage you to contact colleagues working in your area at EPFL to explore the possibility of offering PhD level courses that can be counted for credit by EPFL students.
  6. Potential participants
    The list of potential participants should be about 15-25% longer than the proposed size of the program to account for cancellations. Ideally, potential long-term participants will already have been contacted for a tentative agreement. The center will provide shared office space for up to 10 researchers, with additional modular space available for discussions or shared desk space, and it can accommodate workshops / seminars with about 50 participants.
  7. Budget in CHF
    Please do include a detailed budget with your proposal. The center is able to contribute up to CHF 100k for short proposals and CHF 200k for long proposals.
Note: The SwissMap research station at Les Diablerets is located nearby and, depending on availabilities, can also be used to organise a workshop / retreat during a Bernoulli research programme.

Please send your proposal to Martin Hairer (martin.hairer@epfl.ch ) for consideration.


The long-term research programs will start once the center expansions / renovations are completed.