Workshop on Stochastic Dynamics and Stochastic Equations

The workshop is part of the  Bernoulli Center program at EPFL, to be held  March 25 (Monday) -March 27 (Wednesday), 2024.  The focus will be on SDEs, SPDEs, stochastic dynamics of stochastic equations, and related topics.

It will start on Monday morning and conclude on Wednesday afternoon.

To participate, please register on Google form. Kindly note that registration is free of charge, but required. In case of need, please contact: stochastics[at]

For more information, please visit:

Short talks: There will be an additional short talk /discussion /poster session on Monday morning and evening, Tuesday Morning and Wednesday afternoon.

For young person’s session and other scientific questions, please contact Dr. Florian Huber at the following email address: florian.huber[at]

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Bernoulli Center


Prof. Xue-Mei Li (EPFL)