Sublinear Algorithms

The goal of the workshop is to bring together top experts in sublinear algorithms for big data analysis and related areas, and learn about exciting recent developments in the field. […]

Optimal checkpoint strategies

Surveillance systems are critical for biological systems. Cellular self-replication is monitored by checkpoints, which arrest cells when errors are detected. However, checkpoints are hardly explored quantitatively. We were interested in […]

Modern Trends in Combinatorial Optimization

Combinatorial Optimization deals with discrete optimization problems that are defined on combinatorial structures such as graphs, networks, or discrete sets in geometric arrangements. Motivated by diverse practical problem setups, the topic […]

Summer School on Stochastic Analysis

The aim is to bring young Stochastic Analysts together in a stimulating environment. There will be also some talks in addition to mini-courses. Each talk is aimed at explaining either […]

Descriptive set theory and Polish groups

Descriptive set theory is classically defined as the study of definable (e.g. Borel, analytic) sets in Polish spaces — separable, completely metrizable spaces. It has long thrived in its connections […]