Dynamical low-rank approximation: New horizons

We are glad to announce a workshop dedicated to the research field of dynamical low-rank approximation. The present event aims at establishing and strengthening communication across international and interdisciplinary boundaries, […]

WinCompTop: Women in Computational Topology 3

BERNOULLI CENTER Lausanne (Switzerland) JULY 17-21, 2023 Scientific Overview The Bernoulli Center at EPFL (Switzerland) will host the third workshop for Women in Computational Topology. These workshops are designed to strengthen […]

Young Researchers in Mathematics Program

The Bernoulli Center for Fundamental Studies is a world-renowned research institute located in Lausanne, Switzerland, facilitating research, outreach, and education in mathematics and the mathematical sciences. The Young Researchers in […]

Discrete Random Structures

This workshop brings together experts in combinatorics, probability theory, statistics, information theory, and computational topology sharing a common interest: graphs. Key forms of discrete-valued data, graphs extend to flexible and […]