Sublinear Algorithms

The goal of the workshop is to bring together top experts in sublinear algorithms for big data analysis and related areas, and learn about exciting recent developments in the field. […]

Weak turbulence in general relativity

In the presence of confinement, the Einstein field equations are expected to exhibit turbulent dynamics. One way to introduce confinement to the equations is by imposing a negative value for […]

WinCompTop: Women in Computational Topology 3

BERNOULLI CENTER Lausanne (Switzerland) JULY 17-21, 2023 Deadline for application: 1 Dec 2022 Application form: click here Scientific Overview The Bernoulli Center at EPFL (Switzerland) will host the third workshop for Women […]

Optimal checkpoint strategies

Surveillance systems are critical for biological systems. Cellular self-replication is monitored by checkpoints, which arrest cells when errors are detected. However, checkpoints are hardly explored quantitatively. We were interested in […]