Workshop on “Entanglement Scaling and Criticality with Tensor Networks”

The description of critical phenomena in terms of the renormalization group forms the cornerstone of our modern understanding of strongly-correlated systems. It leads to effective Hamiltonians that can be studied using numerical methods such as Monte Carlo, and the success of those methods relies heavily on scaling ideas for the interpretation of the data. Based on the density matrix renormalization group and insights from the theory of entanglement in quantum information, tensor networks have recently emerged as a viable and wider applicable alternative for the numerical study of strongly-correlated systems. In essence, tensor networks describe many-body wavefunctions in terms of local tensors expressing how entanglement is routed. Although critical phenomena have been studied successfully using tensor networks and finite-entanglement scaling ideas have been formulated, the full problem of scaling has never been addressed in its full power and generality.

The main goal of this workshop is to bring world experts in critical phenomena and tensor networks together to put the framework of entanglement scaling on a firm theoretical footing. We have identified three different communities that are relevant to this endeavour: 1. the community working on conformal field theory and boundary conformal field theory, including finite-size scaling methods; 2. experts in the field of tensor networks; 3. people working in the field of quantum simulation of quantum field theories, in which similar problems arise.


  • Andreas Läuchli (PSI/EPFL)
  • Laurens Vanderstraeten (UGent)
  • Frank Verstraete (UGent)

Confirmed Invited Participants

  • M.C. Banuls (Garching)
  • J. Bridgeman (Ghent)
  • P. Calabrese (Trieste)
  • N. Chepiga (Delft)
  • P. Corboz (Amsterdam)
  • P. Fendley (Oxford)
  • V. Gorbenko (Lausanne)
  • J. Hasik (Amsterdam)
  • F. Mila (Lausanne)
  • V. Pasquier (Saclay)
  • D. Poilblanc (Toulouse)
  • F. Pollmann (Garching)
  • S. Rychkov (Paris)
  • H. Saleur (Paris/Los Angeles)
  • N. Schuch (Vienna)
  • M. Schuler (Innsbruck)
  • L. Tagliacozzo (Madrid)
  • A. Tilloy (Paris)
  • E. Tonni (Trieste)
  • U.-J. Wiese (Bern)

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Bernoulli Center


  • Andreas Läuchli (PSI/EPFL)
  • Laurens Vanderstraeten (UGent)
  • Frank Verstraete (UGent)