The role of mathematics and computer science in ecological theory

The issues of climate change and biodiversity loss are definitely the major concerns for 21st-century science. Ecology is one of the most involved sciences in this challenge. Undoubtedly, mathematics and computer simulations have played an important role in the development of theoretical ecology for almost one century. They are often designated as “modeling”. But what are “modeling” and “theory” in ecology and what are the places occupied respectively by mathematics and computer science are still controversial issues.

The structure considered for the semester is a succession of one-week workshops gathering a dozen of invited scientists. Several workshops will include Bernoulli lectures for a wider audience. Additionally, a small number of scientists will be in residence at the CIB for several months. One of the goals of the program is to introduce mathematicians and computer scientists to problems of theoretical ecology that are often not familiar to them. Graduate students and other scientists wishing to attend are welcome to apply. Application forms are available on this page.

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Roger Arditi, Université de Fribourg
Donald Deangelis, University of Miami
Lev Ginzburg, Stony Brook University
Claude Lobry, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis