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The Bernoulli Center is proud to celebrate the Fields Medal of Maryna Viazovska, announced on July 5 at the International Congress of Mathematicians. Maryna has made profound contributions to the field of number theory, in particular with her resolution of the sphere packing problem in dimensions 8 and 24. Maryna is part of the executive committee of the Bernoulli Center and has played a key role in the re-birth of the center. A celebration event will be announced soon at the Bernoulli Center. Congratulations Maryna!

Workshop on Learning: Optimization and Stochastics

29 June - 1 July 2022

Workshop on "Variational Learning of Quantum Matter"

04-08 July 2022

Young Researchers in Mathematics Program

11-17 July 2022


Workshop & summer school on "Modern trends in Combinatorial Optimization"

11.07-12.08 2022


Workshop on “Foliations in Algebraic and Birational Geometry”        

5-9 September 2022


Workshop on "Entanglement Scaling and Criticality with Tensor Networks"

28.11 - 02.12 2022

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